Is this event open to the public?

No, this event is open to active members of the wine trade and media ONLY. Please be prepared to present proof of current wine credentials or current enrollment in an accredited wine program such as CMS, WSET, or SWE.

How much are tickets?

As this is a trade-only event, tickets are free of cost.

Where should I park?

While we always recommend taking a rideshare to tastings, parking may be available at your desired location. Parking information is below.

Chicago: ample free parking is available. Visit

New York: we strongly recommend taking public transportation or a rideshare. Offsite parking is available should you wish to drive. Parking information is available at

Los Angeles: paid parking is available off of San Julian Street

San Francisco: paid parking is available but does occasionally fill up. For rates, see

Dallas: complimentary onsite parking is available on the west and south sides of the venue

Miami: Paid onsite valet parking is available. For more information visit

Is public transit available?

Public transportation is an excellent option for our New York stop, but is not the most reliable option for tour stops in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, or Dallas. However, a ride-share service is always recommended. 

What time does the event start?

The grand tasting begins at 1:00 p.m. local time for each event. Masterclass times are TBA but may begin before 1:00 p.m.

How do I sign up for one of the master classes?

Masterclasses will be held only in New York, Miami, and Dallas in 2023. To apply for a masterclass in your desired host city, fill out the appropriate form below. Please note that an application DOES NOT guarantee applicants a seat in a class. If accepted, applicants will be contacted in the week leading up to the applied-for event with a seat assignment. Please note that masterclasses may not be hosted in all cities this year and a schedule of masterclasses will be forthcoming. 




Can I take bottles home with me at the end of the event? 

No, guests may not take wine out of the event, regardless of whether the bottles are opened or unopened. 

What if one of the producers gives me a bottle, can I take it? 

No, guests may not take any wine, under any circumstances. 

What if I am a winery representative, can I take bottles then?

Winery representatives may take wines that they rep so long as they have a U.S. label. Since the majority of wine is shipped directly from Italy specifically for the Gambero Rosso tour, it is not labeled for distribution in the U.S. and therefore may not leave the event. 

Will there be food at the event?

Light hors d’oeuvres will be available. 

What time should I arrive if I’m a winery representative?

Winery representatives should arrive no later than noon to prepare their tables. Each table will be equipped with the wines at the correct serving temperature, two lanyards, two wine glasses, one wine key, one wine cuspidor, and one ice bucket (if pouring sparkling, white, or rosé wine). If you will require more than one ice bucket, we recommend coming prepared with an extra as we cannot guarantee additional ice buckets for each table.

Will there be a printed brochure this year?

To be more eco-friendly, printed brochures will not be available. A list of the wineries pouring will be available via QR code at check-in and online at 

Is there a coat check?

Complimentary coat-check is available in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 

Why do I have to wear the sticker that I receive at registration?

The sticker you receive at registration indicates your trade affiliation and allows winery representatives to better connect with you.

Are the Vini d’Italia books free at the event?

No, Vini d’Italia books are not free at the event. They are available for the discounted price of $20, CASH only. Credit cards are not accepted at the event. Books are additionally available for $36 on

How do I call a cab at the end of the event?

We recommend utilizing a rideshare app such as Lyft or UBER to arrange your transportation at the end of the event, or that you prearrange for a taxi. 

Why does the staff inspect baggage when people leave the event?

To stay within the legal parameters of a free, trade-only wine tasting, no wine must leave the venue. Staff reserves the right to inspect all baggage as guests leave the event to ensure that no bottles, open or closed, leave the premises.