Gambero Rosso Presents: U.S. Tour – Tre Bicchieri, Top Italian Wines Roadshow and Vini d’Italia Experience

The Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri Tour and Top Italian Wines Roadshow are the world’s premier Italian wine showcases. We’re pleased to announce the tour’s 2021 return to the U.S. Join us once again for the ultimate, industry-only tasting of Italy’s highest-rated wines! The Tre Bicchieri events feature top Italian wineries pouring wines awarded the coveted “Tre Bicchieri” (“three glass”) designation, exclusively for members of the wine trade; additional wines will also be shown, including some of the year’s “top value” wines from Italy.

Come taste Italy’s “best of the best”, meet the winery representatives, and celebrate the release of the newest edition of Gambero Rosso’s legendary wine guide, the Vini d’Italia. Featuring more than just reviews of Italy’s finest wines, Vini d’Italia covers the brilliant, passionate individuals who devote their lives to winemaking. Today, more than 70 expert tasters comprise the team that blind-tastes 45,000+ wines annually. Of these many thousands of wines, fewer than 1% achieve the Tre Bicchieri designation. Gambero Rosso will visit four U.S. cities in September and October 2021, introducing remarkable Italian winemakers and hundreds of Tre Bicchieri-awarded wines to the U.S. wine trade.

Open to currently employed members of the wine trade ONLY.

2021 Top Italian Wines Roadshow Schedule 

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 – Miami (click for Registration)

Thursday, December 2, 2021 – San Diego (click for Registration)

2022 Tre Bicchieri Tour Schedule 

Wednesday, February 16, 2021 – Los Angeles

Friday, February 18, 2021 – San Francisco

Wednesday, February 23, 2021 – Chicago

Friday, February 25, 2021 – NYC

Additionally, Gambero Rosso will offer select masterclasses in each city. This is an exclusive opportunity to join some of the best Italian producers to taste top-rated wines. Masterclasses are hosted by Marco Sabellico, Editor-In-Chief, and Lorenzo Ruggeri, International Editor of Gambero Rosso’s Vini D’Italia, the authority on Italian wine. Masterclasses vary from city to city and feature wines from Italian regions and exceptional wines that have been awarded the coveted 2021 Tre Bicchieri designation, a designation given to only 1% of the top wines of Italy. Participation in any of the masterclasses requires a confirmed seat as seating is limited. An application is not a guarantee of admission. You will be contacted by email to confirm your seat, if available.

To apply for a seat at one of Gambero Rosso’s masterclass, please click on a masterclass for the application:

Miami – Great Wines of Northern, Central, and Southern Italy 

San Diego – Great Wines of Northern, Central, and Southern Italy 

Please refer to our full Health and Safety Guidelines for Gambero Rosso U.S. events.